It’s a marketplace with 16,500+ individual listings offering products such as Drugs, Jewelries, software, Guides and Tutorials and even controversial items such as weapons. Also features a pretty advanced and feature-rich search functionality. Drugs is the most well-stocked commodity on the marketplace, although other products too can be found. Isn’t wallet-less, yet advises users never to deposit more than the mandatory amount for every purchase.

Sells from Cards, Drugs, Hacking-related products, Counterfeit items and the rest. A registration-only marketplace selling Drugs, Fraud, Software, Services, Counterfeits etc. is exactly what White House Market is. No Child Porn, Weapons, Murder-for-hire, or Terrorism related products allowed. They have the largest vendor and buyer base as of now, but for now they’re still limited to only “Bitcoins” which is just about the only drawback I could come up with for industry. Although the key reason why I listed it at #3 in this list is because it went down a number of times in the last couple months and users are sceptical about any of it.

Tochka is one of the oldest darkent markets, founded in 2015. Supported crypto currencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash & Ethereum. To learn about listed items at Tochka, you will need to create an account here. Two primary areas of any DNM include its “Products”, and “Security Features”.

We do not connect to markets that are scams or that function in a manner that makes their users unsafe. Normal Escrow funds have a hold-period of 14 days . Meaning, once a vendor accepts an order the customer has a 14-day period to inspect the goods, and finalize an order. If not, the payment is released after this 14-day period to the Vendor. DarkMarket sells Credit Cards in its Fraud category.

For starters, because the marketplace is wallet-less as mentioned in the earlier parts of this DarkMarket review, there are no “funds” for hackers to steal. The marketplace even allows users to “wishlist” items exactly like on clearnet e-commerce websites. Finalize Early too is designed for some trusted vendors, in which case owner would automatically have the funds once an order is accepted. It will only be chosen when you trust the vendor and/or involve some previous history with them.

If you would like to support us please use our affiliate advert links. is an extended standing critic of Chainalysis KYT flagging accounts as suspicious without avenue for appeal. In Jan. 2020, the admin accused the blockchain analytics company of enabling the “theft” of customer funds that were marked as suspicious by hidden KYT processes. It’s nearly Amazon or Wallmart, so the only way to cancel an order is to message the vendor and ask him/her to cancel the order off their end.